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Beating the winter challenges

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Every month our Head Coach, Lydia Greenway, will be writing about all things cricket! She will be discussing aspects of the game relevant to parents, coaches and players of all ages and abilities, as well as giving tips to players to help improve their game! Lydia will also be writing about topics from our lovely followers! So if you have any aspects of the game you would like to hear about, as well as any coaching tips you would like more information on, just get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

How to develop your skills at home

One of the challenges players face during the winter is the limited access to training opportunites and facilities. We recently had an enquiry from a parent facing this exact challenge, Lynsey Jones has written in to ask us:
What activities/drills can my daughter do at home (mainly during winter as in summer she can use outdoor nets) to help improve her game? 
When I look back on my childhood, much of my time with my family and friends was spent making up games which seemed to keep us occupied for ages! They were carried out in a small space but would very much help in a young players development:

Wall Ball: Great for reactions, hand eye co-ordination, footwork and catching

Possibly one of my favourites. My brother and I used the side of our house to throw a tennis ball against the wall for the other person to catch. I suppose it was similar to squash but without the rackets! The aim was to throw it against the wall so your partner was unable to catch it.

“The Don”: Brilliant for hand eye co-ordination, batting shapes and reactions

For the big cricket fans out there, you will all be familiar with Donald Bradman, regularly referred to as one of the best and most consistent batters the game has seen. Bradman used to practice with a stump and golf ball by throwing the golf ball against the wall of a water tank in his backyard, he would test his reactions and hand eye co-ordiantion by trying to hit the return moving golf ball with the stump.
See Bradman’s training drills in action here. The video also makes reference to a similar version of wall ball for one player. A great drill for helping players to improve their fielding.

Edge of glory: Batting – hand eye co-ordination – Can you beat Charlotte Edwards?!!! 

See the edge of glory in action here

This drill can be done virtually anywhere. Grab your bat and ball and away you go. The challenge is to keep knocking the ball up and down on the face of your bat for as long as you can. If you find this too easy, see how many you can do on the edge of the bat!
Just remember you don’t have to do anything fancy to become a better play, you just have to have persistence and determination.