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Cricket for Girls in Botswana

Cricket for Girls Head Coach, Lydia Greenway has recently returned from visiting Botswana, Africa. The visit has played a huge part in Cricket for Girls quest to provide more opportunity for females of all ages and abilities to play cricket. Lydia worked with the Botswanan Women’s International team, and players from the local area in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone.

As part of a wider project aiming to provide more opportunity for young talented people in Africa by working with specialists in sport, business and arts, Lydia ran a two-day training camp at Gaborone Cricket Club. The project aims to share expertise and knowledge between the UK and Africa to ensure the number of graduates from universities, have the opportunity to put their qualifications to use, and gain experience in their chosen field.

Talking about her visit to Botswana, Lydia spoke about the importance of the project and specifically the reason for her visit, “Having never visited Botswana before, it is clear to see there is a huge amount of talent within the country. For young talent to flourish, it is vital they have the opportunity to train and play games on a regular basis”

Working with the Botswana Cricket Association during her visit, Lydia was enthused about the passion they showed for supporting the women’s game. “There is no doubt the BCA are fully supportive of the development of female cricket. The facilities are shared among all participants, and the Gaborone Cricket Club hosted the Women’s International T20 tournament for African countries earlier in the year”. Not only is the project getting support from the BCA, Lydia also visited the British High Commission where she was hosted by Deputy High Commissioner Emily Summers. “It was fantastic to meet Emily and she even managed to fit in a visit to the cricket club where we were training.”

Lydia recognised the importance of having the support of Emily; “It is support like this which is so vital in helping raise awareness and create more opportunity for young females wanting to get involved and play the game. Emily showed a huge amount of enthusiasm for the project and took the time to come and meet the players who were all thrilled!”

After such a fruitful first visit, Lydia is hoping to go back to Botswana next year to help continue with the development of female cricket.