Our online resource library will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to deliver a full programme of cricket. With year-round access to help you plan and deliver your lessons at any time, for both inside and outside spaces, in or out of season. Watch our video to see how it works here.

The resource will take you and your pupils on a journey from introducing soft ball cricket, all the way through to progressing to hard ball cricket. You will have access to a full scheme of work, lesson plans, video demonstrations, games and other resources such as how to score and umpire, fielding positions and a jargon busting guide to cricket. All of the content is led and written by Cricket for Girls Head Coach and former England cricket, Lydia Greenway.

Extensive video tutorials for clear visual guidance

Supporting videos explaining and breaking down the main skills and techniques in cricket – all presented by former England player Lydia Greenway.


Our online resources are adaptable and structured to work in line with levels of experience/ability/age of pupils.

*Cricket for Girls Guidelines

level one

Introducing soft ball cricket

(players with 0-2 years experience)*

The resource is suitable for a broad age range from Years 4 to Years 13 (school years) and will cover:

  • An introduction to overarm bowling
  • How to integrate a run-up into overarm bowling
  • Introduction to batting - grip, stance and backswing
  • Introduction to the front-foot drive and pull shot
  • Fielding techniques for flat and high catching
  • How to throw overarm with power and accuracy
  • Each skill is incorporated into fun and engaging games

level two 

Progressing soft ball cricket 

(players with 1-3 years experience)*

Building on from Introducing soft ball cricket, Progressing soft ball cricket will introduce you to new skills and elements to cricket, as well as show you new drills and games to practise the skills already learnt by the pupils: 

  • Introducing running between the wickets
  • Introducing the basics of wicket keeping 
  • Introducing T-Pairs Cricket
  • Introducing the cut shot
  • Introducing competitive bowling games
  • How to hit the gaps when batting
  • Understanding the roles of fielders
  • Introducing a hard ball with fielding 

level three - COMING SOON

Introducing hard ball cricket

(players with 3-4 years experience)*

This programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to introduce hard ball cricket to your pupils. We will cover:

  • Introducing a hard ball in fielding practice 
  • Introducing the protective equipment 
  • How to run a net session safely and effectively 
  • Batting and bowling drills to practice in the nets 
  • Introducing the fielding positions and tactics for basic field settings 
  • Introducing advancing down the pitch (batting)
  • Introducing pairs cricket (soft or hard ball)
  • Introducing spin bowling 
  • Progressions for wicket keeping 
  • How to use a bowling machine

level four - COMING SOON

Progressing hard ball cricket 

(players with 4-5 years experience)*

Building on from Introducing hard ball cricket, Progressing hard ball cricket will introduce you to advanced drills and skills to ensure you are able to continue to develop and challenge your pupils.

  • Variations for bowling and how to practise them 
  • Introducing strength and conditioning for cricket
  • Introducing the sweep shot
  • Advanced fielding drills 
  • Advanced wicket keeping drills 
  • Progressing spin bowling 
  • Advancing tactical awareness 
  • Introducing T10 cricket 

Useful help sheets to accompany video tutorials

Our online resource includes a selection of useful downloadable tips and help documents to use as and when needed.


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"The new online resource from Cricket for Girls will be an invaluable tool for the preparation of meaningful cricket lessons for beginners who may be making the move from rounders, to seasoned hard ball players."

Caroline Bolton, PE Teacher at Channing School

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