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Jenny Gunn – 2017 World Cup Winner

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We recently caught up with triple, yes triple, World Champion Jenny Gunn. You can read everything Jenny had to say about the training the team did leading up to the World Cup, how they celebrated winning the World Cup and the changes she has seen over the years in the womens game. “some of the girls slept in their medals!” A great opportunity to get some brilliant insight into the habits of a World Cup winning team!

Firstly Jenny Gunn, congratulations on becoming a World Cup winner for a third time!! How have things been since the final?

I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet that we have won a home world Cup to be honest. We have had a week off and then its straight back into cricket for the KSL Super league in which I play for Yorkshire Diamonds. I tried to get away from cricket for a week but a young lad asked for a selfie in my local shop and people just said congratulations a lot when I was walking down the street which was a bit crazy for me.


And the celebrations?!!

We stayed in the changing room for a few hours after the game which was nice just to have a few drinks as a whole team before going to an ICC function next door to join everyone who has helped to make the World Cup happen. I think it was 3am until we changed out of our playing kit but I think some of the girls slept in their medals as it meant so much to them.


This year’s World Cup saw many records being broken on so many different levels, firstly the crowds! As a player, how have you seen this change over the years and what affect does it have on you?

I think as females we have gotten stronger so can hit the ball further and harder.  At the end of the day the crowds want to see big runs and exciting cricket, and I think this World Cup saw that happen in most of the games. It helps a lot when we are given fresh pitches to play on. When I first started there were a few people at games, and mainly our families, then you go to the final last week which had a sellout crowd of 26,000 where you can’t hear your team mates on the field. It’s crazy but it shows women’s cricket is moving in the right direction.


On the pitch, the records broken have been outstanding, from the number of 6’s being hit, to the volume of runs being posted by individuals and teams. Can you put your finger on why these progressions have been made in seemingly quite a short space of time?

I think as a whole every team is fitter, but I think we are just playing more cricket as a whole so improvements can be made quicker as there’s more chances to try things out.


Are there any particular moments which stood out for you in terms of how high profile this tournament has been?

I think you just have to look at games that England didn’t play in and see that people want to watch women’s cricket as India vs. Pakistan drew in big crowds. But for us it was the Australia game to have a full house and a great game was amazing. The crowd were so into the game they were cheering every dot ball and when I was bowling the last over you could hear a pin drop as everyone was so quiet and watching intently.


Before the world cup final there was a picture of Anya Shrubsole aged 10 in the stands at Lords looking out onto the picture, now 15 years later she has won a world cup final there. Many of the people reading this will be wanting to know how to do it! Can you tell us?!!

You can do anything you want to as long as you put the hard work in. We train for hours on end in the gym, in the nets so we are fit enough to be able to hold our skills for longer. First thing is to get to your local club to get going with cricket and have fun. From there county cricket will be the next step but I would always say get fit as it will always stand out to people watching but never forget to stop fun.


Another area people will be interested in will be your training, can you give us a typical weeks training leading into the world cup?

  • We would do 2-3 weights sessions a week leading into the tournament, then during the tournament we would still do weights but much lighter. It is more a case of keeping things ticking over and topping up when we feel we need to.
  • During the season we would do one running session per week as during games we run at least 10K! Our strength and conditioning coach also builds in some sprint efforts into the warm up.
  • Off feet sessions– we spend a lot of time on our feet so doing a bike session gets a fitness session in without loading the body too much. This might be a 30-45mins bike session for example
  • Recovery- after every game we will always have a stretch down and have iced baths, then the next day we would do a light bike and a stretching session so our body recovers. Some swim but it is also important to eat the right food, drink and a good night’s sleep to aid in recovery.
  • Cricket sessions on tour – we normally just do what we need to do as all the hard work has been done. I will do some batting drills before facing some bowlers in the nets just to make sure I’m hitting the ball how I want to. It’s kind of the same for bowling yet the bowlers will try and bowl out in the middle as much as possible to try and get use to slopes, wind and just different grounds they we are use too.
  • Group fielding- we will do short, sharp fielding sessions everyday just to top up. Its quality over quantity as it’s important to rest and get away from cricket too so that we are fresh for when the game comes around.

Lastly, can you pick your best moment of the world cup?

Personally it was walking out at Lords, World Cup final, and sellout crowd but looking up and seeing all my family there, it was a big day but made even more special having them all there. But Anya getting the last wicket to win will always be up there with the best moment EVER!

Our thanks to Jenny for speaking to us. You will be able to see Jenny, and other World Cup winners in action during the Kia Super League starting on Thursday 10th August. Click here to see all the fixtures!