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Salliann Briggs – What I look for in players

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Salliann Briggs is a leading light when it comes to coaches, regardless of gender. She has assisted with the development of numerous English players past and present, and she is now Head Coach of Kia Super League Team, Loughborough Lightning. We spoke to Sallian to find out what exactly she thinks it is that helps makes a player successful.

You have helped produce a significant number of English players past and present. Firstly, what is it that you look for initially in players?

I think I have supported a number of players, and through their own hard work, commitment and love for the game they have gone on to achieve great things in cricket. You can’t help but look at their ability first, but as soon as you get to know a player it is normally their character that allows them to achieve their dreams. Players who embrace cricket as part of their lifestyle and do not see the dedication as a sacrifice are normally the players who excel.


Now to be more specific, give us three words or phrases for each discipline which you think sets them apart from others in helping them go on to represent their country?


Batting – produce efficient power, can self-correct, worships their wicket

Bowling – aligned and efficient, has tricks i.e. slower balls, can repeat the basics.

Fielding – agile, wants the ball to come to them, anticipate the game


Often cricket is referred to as a game which sees success from the mentally toughest players. In your experience, what are the main mental capabilities which you think give players the extra edge?


Emotional intelligence – be able to control their own emotions and recognise the emotions of others, process this information and then still behave in the required way.

Resilience – be able to bounce back from failure and see failure as a positive learning experience.

Concentration – be able to switch on at the right times in order to make effective decisions.


Many of our followers will be at the very early stages of their careers, what would you recommend they focus on at this time in their cricketing careers?

Have fun!! Any skill, technique or tactic you learn should be fun and competitive. The game is also physically demanding so the more sports you play the better your cricket will be.


Our thanks to Sallian for her time!