Fundraising through reselling

  • Clubs are always looking for ways to raise money, and a nice way to do so that benefits all of the members is a sale of pre-loved kit and equipment. We all have extra tops, bats, pads, etc in our cupboards, so a good way to get them used again and raise some money for your club is to host a club sale. Perhaps the fundraiser can go to help fund the start or growth of a W&G team? 

    To help with club fundraising and re-use of kit and equipment within Cricket, there is now a marketplace app called "Grassboots".  They provide clubs with their own personalised marketplace for members to donate and buy preloved sportswear and equipment. The app helps promote sustainability and inclusivity within sport and also helps clubs generate revenue in the process.  There are three main pillars of Grassboots: 
    1. Fundraising: Helps community sports clubs and schools raise much needed funds
    2. Sustainability: Helps promote recycling and reuse of sports wear and sports equipment
    3. Inclusivity: Helps people get started with, or continue to enjoy, the sport they love for less


    It is really quick to register for clubs and its members, so please reach out to discuss further at or visit for more info.


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