Female Specific Cricket Spikes

  • Female feet are different. Until recently this has been a piece of equipment where females have had to make do with either spiking up a pair of trainers (because many brands don't offer small enough sizes), or quite simply having to make do with wearing spikes designed for the male foot.

    We are thrilled to hear about the launch of the Female All Rounder Cricket Spike from ME+U. ME+U have spent the last three years designing and developing the shoe and are now ready for players to start wearing.

    Find out more about the shoe here. 

    Below highlights the key differences between the female and male feet. 



  • This is all great, but it's hard to justify £120 for a pair of spikes for my daughter. And as a coach of a girls' team, recommending to other parents that they pay over £100 for spikes, when I know they have sons who play cricket too and can get shoes for them at half the price, is a tricky one. Will the cost come down in the future?

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