English Willow v Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

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    When buying a cricket bat for the first time, the decision you will need to make initially will be if you go for a Kashmir or English willow cricket bat. Which one you decide to go with will depend on your budget, how often you play and to what level you play.

    English Willow: The best type of willow for a cricket bat. Grown in England and the highest quality type of wood. The growing conditions in England means there is more moisture in the wood, resulting in the cricket bat lasting longer and giving a better performance. This type of cricket bat is the preferred option for those playing and training on a regular basis from club level upwards. As you would expect though, with better quality comes increased costs

    Kashmir Willow: Grown in India in dryer and hotter conditions means the wood is dryer, harder and a little denser which often results in heavier bats. However, cricket bats made of Kashmir willow are brilliant for those new to the game and playing recreationally – all at a more affordable cost.

    One important point to remember is that wood is a natural material. This means not all bats will be the same and some bats may have natural blemishes which more often than not do not affect performance. 

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