Finding funding for W&G teams

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    Finding funding for your club W&G team can be a bit tricky. Many of the grant schemes from sports bodies towards inclusivity in grassroots cricket are focused on capital projects, not funding kit, equipment, coach fees or pitch fees. We are always asking clubs and counties for good ideas around this topic, and will add ideas as we receive them. If you have a great one, please get in touch! You can write us at

    In the meantime, here are some good ideas we have heard from around the UK:

    1. Are there any big building or infrastructure projects going on in your local area? A lot of times companies working on disruptive projects in areas are keen to engage with the local community, and can prove a good source of funding.

    2. Talk to your local Council, County Cricket Board or County Cricket Foundation for ideas and organisations in your area who may be looking to back a local project.

    3. Here's a link with good ideas: and a summary of those listed in here that may be useful for cricket clubs:

    4. Talk to your employer or ask club members to ask their employers if they ever give donations or grants to local sport projects or if they are looking to back an inclusivity project. 

    5. Charities in Cricket - there are so many doing great work: HerGameToo, Take Her Lead, Bat for a Chance, etc. It is always worth reaching out to those organisations already focused on female cricket or supporting community cricket. They may have knowledge or links to donors. Worth a try!

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