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Cricket for Girls

Cricket for Girls Online Umpiring Course

Cricket for Girls Online Umpiring Course

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Learn at your own pace. The Cricket for Girls Online Umpiring Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to umpire a game of cricket. The course includes video explanations and demonstrations covering all the aspects you need to know, including:

- How to apply the rules and laws within a game

- The role of the umpire and where to stand

- Umpiring signals 

- Ways batters can be out

- Understanding the 'appeal' in cricket and when it should be used

- Managing the 'manned' or run out at the non strikers end 

- Full access to the Cricket for Girls Umpiring Webinar

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  • Reviews

    "Excellent event. One of the best courses I've been on!"

    "Very well organised and details CPD. Would love to attend more"

  • Reviews

    "Excellent tuition – perfect balance of theory and practical work. Fulfilled all my objectives”